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The Secret Power of Self-Compassion - Increase confidence with self-kindness

Who is this workshop for?


You should join this workshop if:

  • you want to break the cycle of self-criticism and self-judgment.
  • you have the desire to stop putting yourself under pressure and start accepting yourself as an imperfect human being.
  • you have difficulties to speaking gently to yourself.
  • you want to be good to others but also to yourself.
  • you are longing for inner peace and want to nurture and care for yourself.
  • you want to start loving yourself for what you are and stop hating yourself for what you are not.


Join this experiential workshop and sense the proven power of self-kindness, self-care and mindfulness.


Date and time: Saturday the 28thof September 2019 from 10:00-17:00


Location: Individual Therapy Berlin, Saarbrücker Strasse 28, 10405 Berlin


Number of participants: To ensure the affective participation of all attendees the maximum number of participants is limited to 8.


Costs: Regular 200€/180€ early bird till the 14thof September 2019


Your Trainer: Ghazaleh Bailey is a psychotherapist, couple therapist and coach in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Her work and research has been focused on the power of emotions and self-compassion. In addition, Ghazaleh has been interested in Buddhism and has been practicing meditation for 10 years.