Our emotions guide our values and needs. They tell us a lot about our world, our well-being and who we are. They inform us of our needs and guide our actions to meet them. Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is a unique empirically-based psychotherapeutic approach. EFT seeks to support people in becoming aware of, making sense of, regulating, accepting, expressing, and transforming emotional experience.
EFT helps you to identify, understand, use and manage your emotions in healthy ways to relieve distress, communicate effectively, connect with others, resolve painful feelings and break out of repetitive emotional states such as depression, anxiety, guilt, loneliness, shame and helplessness.

Do you sometimes feel lost, not knowing what you want and need?


Do you find it difficult managing and expressing your emotions?


Are you struggling with procrastination and/or self-criticism?

We are informed and moved by our emotions, but we also need to make sense of them and decide how best to express them and behave in an emotion-evoking situation.


EFT can help you to understand yourself and others better and to learn about how to interact and share emotions in a healthy way.

As an emotion focused therapist I guide you to experience your emotions and understand your emotional responses in a safe therapeutic setting. You learn to use your emotions as a guide to meet your needs and goals and to connect with others in a healthy way, rather than avoiding or controlling your feelings.


Are you looking for a way to feel more confident, assertive, fulfilled and have more compassion for yourself?

Start your emotional journey and don’t hesitate to contact me!


By choosing Emotion Focused Therapy, you are guaranteed to receive a reputable and scientifically recognized psychotherapy, certified by the International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy (ISEFT).

Emotion Focused Therapy is applied for individual- and couples therapy and offered in German and English.