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The art of setting boundaries

Assert yourself, build confidence and strengthen your relationships


  • Do you feel burnt out, resentful, or irritable?

  • Do you find yourself in one sided relationships?

  • You struggle with saying No and end up with never ending to do lists?

If this is you then make sure you join this Workshop!

When you don't set boundaries you don't communicate your needs to others. You ignore your own needs. You say yes to extra tasks though you don't have the capacity. You are afraid of commitment because you fear loosing yourself in romantic relationships. 


Join the workshop and discover:

  • The types of boundaries that exist.
  • Why it's difficult for you to set boundaries.
  • How to express your needs and set boundaries successfully without feeling guilty.
  • How to feel entitled and confident about your boundaries so you can stick on them.

    This training is for everyone who wants to start setting and maintaining healthy boundaries at work and in life.

    Start mastering your boundaries and strengthen your relationship. 

Date and Time:  10.06.2023
from 10:00-16:00

Location: Individual Therapy Berlin, Saarbrücker Strasse 28, 10405 Berlin

Number of participants: To ensure the affective participation of all attendees the maximum number of participants is limited to 8.

Costs: Regular 200€/180€ early bird till the 20th of May 2023

Your Trainer: 
Dr. Ghazaleh Bailey is a psychotherapist, couple therapist, and coach in Berlin. Her work and research are focused on helping people to heal from their childhood trauma by feeling, connecting and understanding the wisdom of their emotions.