Systemic english speaking therapy

strengthens your inherent capabilities and expertise. You will learn to give up bad habits and to improve your communication skills. Internal blockades caused by experiences in both the past and the present will be broken. At the beginning of our work together we will discuss your specific needs and expectations.

  • Solution-oriented Systemic Psychotherapy focuses mainly on finding solutions to, rather than reasons for, a problem. Often a new point of view is enough to solve a problem, no matter how difficult it may seem.
  • Resource-oriented Resources are external (family, friends, colleagues, environment, etc) and internal (your own assets and abilities) strengths, which we possess in order to master the challenges in our every-day life. Within the Systemic Therapy these individual resources will be identified and activated.
  • Short-term-oriented In comparison to other therapy methods the Systemic Therapy is short-term. The type, extent and duration are determined individually and can differ from client to client, depending on their goals and desires.

Systemic Psychotherapy is suitable for people who need help with all kinds of personal and social challenges and problems.

In our meetings we will work towards developing solutions for your particular situation by applying the specific methods used in Systemic Psychotherapy. Systemic english speaking therapy and counseling helps you to identify and activate the strengths and abilities you may not have even known you had and additionally, to develop new ways of dealing with problems and difficulties. These solutions developed during your therapy can then be directly applied in your daily life.

In 2008 Systemic Therapy was officially recognized by the Academic Advisory Board of Psychotherapists as an established psychotherapy treatment. By choosing Systemic Psychotherapy you are a guaranteed to receive a reputable and scientifically recognized psychotherapy, certified by the “German society of systemic family therapy“ (DGSF) or “Systemic Society“ (SG).

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