No two people are alike – each of us requires our own individualized approach in order to heal and grow. Psychotherapy or counselling can help you gain relief from unpleasant thoughts and feelings, create more fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and feel more confident and connected.


A Psychotherapist helps clients get to the root of their difficulties and supports them as they learn ways to become more self-aware, cope with difficult emotions, improve their mood, develop skills to handle future problems, and live a more fulfilling, joyful, satisfying life.


You might be seeking a psychotherapist for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we need to find ways to break troubling behavior patterns, deal with traumatic events that happened in the past, or work on relationship issues. Feelings of loneliness, sadness, loss, anger, worry, and self-doubt are all reasons to seek psychotherapy.


To assist clients in reaching their goals, I use an integrative client-centered approach to treatment. At the beginning of an individual therapy, we will have an initial consultation, in which we discuss your needs and desires in order to figure out which psychotherapy or counselling approach is best for you. This is also a chance for you to ask me questions about anything you’d like, such as psychotherapy in general, my approach, or anything else that might help you in deciding whether to work with me. Next, we will decide on the best way to proceed, including how often we should meet.


I offer international psychotherapy, specialised on the needs of the expat-community in Berlin and beyond. Therapy sessions are provided in a supportive, caring and private setting in English, Germany, or Farsi. If you are local, we can meet in my office in Prenzlauer Berg or online. Sessions with international clients are held online.