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Single Psychotherapy
Systemic Psychotherapy focuses on your individual issue(s) and needs. In our meetings we will work towards developing solutions for your particular situation by applying the specific methods used in Systemic Therapy.

Systemic Therapy and Counseling helps you to identify and activate the strengths and abilities you may not have even known you had and additionally, to develop new ways of dealing with problems and difficulties. These solutions developed during your therapy can then be directly applied in your daily life.

Systemic short-term Coaching

This unique coaching method is not geared towards finding the reasons for a problem but towards finding solutions. Short-term coaching is designed for clearly defined problems or changes in your professional life.

If you find yourself unsure or incapable of making an important decision; dealing with a conflict at work; or balancing private life and work life, then systemic coaching can help you.
The Systemic Psychotherapy for Couples is useful for all types of relationships. When the needs within the relationship are no longer met and when the communication between partners is difficult, problems ranging from arguments up to and including separation are part of daily life.

This form of therapy enables couples to start a process of change, which consequently results in a deeper emotional relationship with more tolerance, trust and closeness. To ensure that this therapy is successful, it is necessary that both partners are able to articulate their own needs, expectations and feelings, while respecting those of the other.

In our meetings partners will relearn to communicate, which enables them to find new trust and respect for each other. Partners will identify conflict patterns and learn to interrupt them in order to find new ways to interact with each other.

If required the couples therapy can be held in cooperation with my trusted colleague Joachim Rebele, a proven method of providing a sense of balance on both sides of the gender divide.
Partners with different cultural backgrounds often face a very particular set of challenges, which cause misunderstandings and miscommunication.
Cultural differences can be the reason for different values and expectations with regards to marriage, family and parenting.

Intercultural therapy aims to develop a third culture in which both partners are equally respected.

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