Couples therapy in english

Are you and your partner constantly arguing without resolution, feeling stuck in vicious cycles of negative interactions that take over your relationship?

Maybe your communication has completely broken down, you lost trust and feel disconnected and lonely in the relationship?

Perhaps you are struggling with intimacy after an affair has been exposed?

Do you miss your partner and want to rediscover the love and closeness that somehow got lost?

Partners come into couples therapy or marriage counseling with a variety of issues to address including communication & conflict resolution, sexual & intimacy issues, fighting and anger problems, identity and role conflict, religion, ethics and values, jealousy, parenting, infidelity, struggling with expressing theirs needs and feelings or because they feel distressed and want to feel safe, connected and secure again.

While all relationships can sometimes suffer under the increasing pressures of everyday life, ongoing and unaddressed stresses can leave you feeling exhausted, desperate, lonely and disconnected. Couples therapy is useful for all types of relationships. It enables couples to start a process of change, getting out of those vicious cycles which consequently results in a deeper emotional relationship with more tolerance, trust and closeness. To ensure that a couples therapy is successful, it is necessary that both partners are able to articulate their own needs, expectations and feelings, while respecting and accepting those of the other.

Within emotion focused couples therapy partners will relearn to communicate their needs, feelings and sensitivities which enables them to feel safe and find new trust and respect for each other. Partners will identify conflict patterns and learn to interrupt them in order to find new ways to interact with each other and make new experiences of love and connection.

It’s never too late to rebuild love and connection!

Looking forward to supporting you!

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